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Hi, I'm Mat

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your engagement! You will now embark on a journey that will feel like magic, enjoying the days infused with that special feeling of being engaged.

Trust me, planning should be quite an enjoyable affair, even fun and exciting; but in order to have that you will have to shift your focus on what is important - you two. Always listen to your own voices and weave your vision as you choose. When it comes to my part of weaving the photography story, it is just as same as the planning process, not forced but natural and focusing on the profound emotion - love. That being said, do you:

Search for a style that will capture your candid emotions and our story as it unfolds on your iconic day WITHOUT being directed?
Desire beautiful and natural images that you will cherish as an heirloom for decades to come?
Plan a real wedding adorned with raw emotions and not a photoshoot?

Then maybe we could be the right photography team for you. I know from my own wedding experience that choosing the perfect fit for that task might be challenging, so let me share a bit more about myself and my style.

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What couples Say

"Would highly recommend. !!! Had such an amazing experience."
Kat & Tom
"Amazing photographer, would recommend in a heartbeat."
Nicolas & Stephanie
Matthew captures the magical moments you don't realise are happening!
Philippa & Steve


You might be wondering, why in these modern times with instant videos we still take photographs?

Not only do great photographs tell stories, but there is also beauty in the stillness of a loving moment. Photographed emotions that put a stopper on time, continuing to live as a visual memory. They will forever evoke vivid recollection of the wedding day when seemingly long forgotten. But for those who were absent, such photographs can make them feel like they were part of the story and not just gazing at them.

It is similar to books vs films. Photographs have the power to make you slow down and think about all those memories that come pouring in. A single image can spark your personal feelings to come out of your heart’s box and overwhelm you with beauty. Basically, each person has a unique process with photos, and that is what makes them so personal and precious.

And what better way to remember your wedding day with all of its wonderful chapter in your life’s story?

My photography style worships uniqueness and creativity while focusing on capturing the REAL unstaged and candid moments of your special day. Honest, emotional, fun, loving and infused with all the feels! Having vast experience, I instinctively know when and how to portray the essence of these moments. My style includes reportage wedding photography, documentary wedding photography and wedding photo journalism but I also love to interact with my couples and guests and to ease them to unveil their raw joy and honest beauty.

To have a better image of how I approach and curate love stories, you can look through some of my creative and emotive black and white photography, discover weddings in my photography portfolio and blog; and maybe you will find yourself lured to a certain style.

Because I have various experience in shooting, you will find anything from small, low key and intimate weddings to grand and often traditional affairs

Additionally, I have been often commissioned as a portrait, elopement and wedding photographer all across England, the UK and many other enchanting destinations.

Black & White Photo of Bride
Cute funny photo of page boy
Fun photo of people laughing at wedding
Photo of bride and groom, groom holding flowers

MY style

Discover my style while simultaneously discovering yours! What makes your heart tick? What makes you smile? What sparks your passion and emotional side?

Choosing your ideal photographer might prove to be a difficult task and at times - overwhelming. But in all of its essence, it doesn’t have to be. You only need to skim over unknown jargons and buzzing words, then only focus on answering these questions above. Find out what genuinely makes you happy when you see through wedding photos. Reminisce about photos you have taken and analyze what will instantly make you smile. Some of them might have been posed, planned and I will dare to say, even taken by a professional. But mostly, they are snapshots taken by your close people but they somehow feel so dear, so candid and so personal. In all of their simplicity - they are timeless! They carry memories that you hold precious and mean so much. Images that will forever remind you of a story and always transport you back in time at that precise moment. They are magic.

That is my style - natural, candid and never forced style of photography.

Fun photo of two people eating the same lemon slice
Bride walking in Liverpool in wedding dress
COVID wedding photo, guests wearing face masks
Cute photo of bride and groom laughing


My ability to ensnare these candid moments on images during your wedding day comes from incorporating my own unique and creative approaches. The style includes reportage wedding photographydocumentary wedding photography and wedding photo journalism (they are all very similar); which work best. These unobtrusive styles will embellish your memory lane with hundreds of emotions, filled with fleeting moments of joy and emotions. And the best part? Most of the time you won’t notice when everything is being photographed!

At the same time, I just love talking and interacting with your guests, bringing their vibrant character into my wedding portraiture. The ambience of love inspires me so much that I enjoy being present as much as your guests! If I am allowed to stay late enough, you will definitely find me on the dance floor, capturing all of that joy from the centre of the action. In all honesty, I don’t know how to dance but might occasionally try!

My mix of styles and artful creative approaches has been shaped by 11 years of working as a professional photographer, tailoring my shooting towards the clients’ preferences. The key essentials are always photos that will be always unique and personal, enjoyed profusely as months and years pass.

Photo fo bride and groom under tree
Bride walking down steps at St Georges hall in dress
Groom looking at pocket watch while waiting
Bride and groom portrait with flowers


What about group shots and portraits?

Back in the day, traditional wedding photography used to be all about group shots and of course individual portraiture. That was mainly because the film was so expensive. While my artistry now doesn’t depend on the numbers of rolls shot, I still love to include group and individual portraits as part of your love story. To keep things simpler and more natural, I will usually have this part organized quickly and kept to a minimum. The way I will be organizing this will be with your consultation before the wedding about which groups to include. Of course, I will be flexible on the day and be guided by how the story unravels!

Usually, the portraits are a personal choice and don’t take much of your time. About 15-20 minutes after the ceremony will be all I need to weave them into the overall wedding photography. As always it will be low key as possible, focusing on the natural emotions of you as a newlywed couple. There might be a minimal direction involved to only enhance the outcome but in a very candid and natural way. This would fall in the contemporary wedding photography category which in reality is just another buzzword.

Are yoU ready?


Face to face or via zoom, there is not better way of getting to know each other then talking, so drop me an message and i look forward to talking soon

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